Welcome to Superfluous Muse, online home to selections of Ada Katherine’s creations. Ada is an artist & craftsman of various media. She is also a writer, musician, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Ordained Minister, theologian, occult scholar, & all-around lover of nature, with an insatiable curiosity & penchant for learning. Further accompanying interests include health & wellness, the science of consciousness, & all things ancient, mysterious, magical, bizarre, or otherworldly (just to name a few).


Ada’s art has spanned a great deal of styles & subject matter, but tends toward a blending of visionary & conceptual art, abstract expressionism, illustration, & motif, often tapping into the realms of fantasy, sci-fi, religious & occult symbolism, & mythology. Science, spirituality, nature, & the exploration of consciousness through the power of imagination are prime contributors to Ada’s ever-evolving style, while her process of experimentation pays tribute to the power of emotion & intuitive guidance. Thus, much of her work carries a sense of that which is unseen or unspeakable, sometimes integrating writing-like symbols or script—as if delivering messages from other worlds or a lost & forgotten age.

“I think the work of Dream, or I guess you could refer to it as dream-like perceptions, is depicted in a lot of my pieces—not so much what would be expected as the focal point of a given dream (say the subject matter or message to be interpreted), but more so how the dream moves, the movement or emotional current of a dream that’s directed by those wriggling things in the shadows, the unknown forces stirring in the unconscious. I think there’s an aspect of my work that suggests similar sensations with a similar origin.”

Ginger Matthews (1961 - 2018), Oct 6, 2017

Ginger Matthews (1961 - 2018), Oct 6, 2017

Ada is also an officer of her family’s non-profit organisationGinger’s Comrades, honouring with joy & remembrance the love & life of her mother, Ginger Matthews, by accepting donations to bestow as gifts to families standing bravely through the struggles of cancer. Please consider joining us in sharing the fulfilled life that Ginger modelled, by blessing others with gifts that will help them along their challenging journeys.

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