Two Pieces Added

Two pieces have been added to the gallery on the Art page: ‘Jambi’ and ‘REV 10:6’.

Although my updates have been delayed, ‘Jambi’ was part of the ‘Sound & Colour: Works Inspired by Kandinsky’ show at Cottonwood Centre for the Arts that ran through October.

Jambi, acrylic on cardboard, 25.5in x 22in

‘REV 10:6’ is a smaller piece I made over the summer (I think August, if I remember correctly?), but I was still deciding on a name for it. The image came out a little grainy, so I’ll be taking another photo once the sun decides to come back.

REV 10:6, Sharpie marker on cardboard, 8.5in x 12in

Both pieces are also available for viewing on DeviantArt.