Gallery Show Upcoming

‘Do You Remember Me?’ was accepted by Cottonwood Center for the Arts (CCArts) for the upcoming exhibit, ‘This Is Me Now,’ opening Friday, August 4th. The autobiographical theme aims “not to portray the essence or complete being of the artist, but rather to intentionally document an aspect of the artist’s identity.” CCArts goes on to say, “Any aspect of the artist’s sense of self may be represented, such as important memories, age, family history, sexual identity, insecurity, commitment, doubt, confidence, trust, or communication.” The piece will be for sale throughout the duration of the exhibit.

If you’re able to make the First Friday opening, definitely check it out! If not, the exhibit is running until August 26th, so you can pop into the gallery at your convenience. If you don’t live in the Springs, you can enjoy viewing the piece from the comfort of your own home below, viewing it on DeviantArt, or visiting the Art page for larger views of this piece and more.

Do You Remember Me?, Sharpie marker on cardboard, 11in x 11in