New Website Host Launched with New Updates

The new site with the new host is LIVE! Click/tap around and check it out!

“So, are you done with WordPress?”

Yes, yes, the Superfluous Muse WordPress is no more. While it technically still exists at, that URL will no longer be updated and may be taken down after everything has been moved over successfully.

“Is there a way to subscribe to updates like there was with WordPress?”

A newsletter is in the works and will most likely be launching within the next few months, so for those that may have been following the WordPress blog, you will still be able to get notifications of the new site’s activity and more. Further updates on that will come as development continues.

“Hey… didn’t you have a Patreon?”

Yes, and I still do, but it has been neglected for some time as I have been organising all my projects for greater ease of work flow and productivity—really focusing in on what and how I want to produce. I will most definitely announce my return to the Patreon community when the time comes.

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Lots of radness happening and more on the way!

Stay awesome, ya’ll, and thanks for all the love you are!