A Slight Change

While I’ve been tweaking a few things here and there around the site, I’ve decided to omit my writings altogether. While I am fond of the selections I had intended to share, I have also re-evaluated where my current focus should be. Considering the tumult of the past two to three years in my own life and that of my family, I have thought much about prioritising and strengthening the focus of my activities and projects. Although I will continue to write, my creative writings will not be posted online. In an effort to be as productive as possible to successfully and swiftly reach the goals I’ve set for myself without becoming overwhelmed or burnt out, I will be more selective of how my time and energy is spent so I may better pace myself and remain as efficiently organised as possible.

That being said, I am still deciding whether or not to do the same with my recipes, health, & lifestyle projects. I have several new recipes to create pages from scratch for, including at least one new section entirely, though my mind and heart are not currently resonating with that area of creativity. I expect I may return to these projects later this year, but for now, I will adapt to things as they come, focusing primarily on that which I have assigned top priority.

Here’s to prosperous new beginnings and fulfilling endeavours!